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Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew Clash Over Marijuana: 'Quit Showing a Big Fat Doobie


"It would be malpractice to say cannabis isn't addictive."

HLN host Nancy Grace has made her opposition to marijuana legalization more than known, but she doubled down on the issue this week, getting into some heated on-air clashes with fellow HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky, a medical doctor who has treated addiction.

After Pinsky noted that proponents of legalization want the tax monies raised through the sale of pot to go to drug "treatment and education," Grace hit back, claiming that the government's track record proves this simply wouldn't happen.

"Let me address what you just said. You know what when you don't know a horse drew, look at his track record," she responded. "For all the years I prosecuted and now — add on all these years I've been on air — never once has the federal government or state governments, for that matter … said, 'You know what, let's not spend all these millions of dollars on pork. Let's try to rehab people … it ain't happening Drew."

Grace said that politicians won't give money to rehab, arguing that they simply don't care and that legalizing the drug with hopes of using new tax revenue for treatment would be like starting a problem "so we can fix it."

And when the camera panned away from Pinsky and Grace and showed B-roll of marijuana, she was quick to chastise producers, telling them to "quit showing a big fat doobie" and to get back to the split screen.

Drew argued that he is tired of people opposed to pot legalization centering their arguments on moral concerns.

"My biggest problem, Nancy, is that people want to moralize [it]," he said. "It is addictive. That doesn't mean that it's a good drug or a bad drug."

Watch the clash below:

Grace also faced-off earlier this week with Norm Kent, chairman of NORML, a group advocating for pot legalization.

Both Kent and Pinsky pushed back against a story that Grace brought up about a man who consumed pot brownies and later killed his wife, with Pinsky arguing that the husband could have been impacted by prescription drugs and not the marijuana he had consumed.

After Grace and Pinskybattled it out over the issue, she noted that the doctor has also warned of pot addiction, playing a past clip of Pinsky claiming that "it would be malpractice to say cannabis isn't addictive."

While he didn't deny that this is the case, Pinsky said that addictive attributes have nothing to do with the debate over whether the drug should be legalized.

Watch that earlier debate below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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