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FTR' Flash: New report confirms there was no evidence of 'humanitarian crisis' in Libya


A new report from The Washington Times reveals that top Congressional and military officials tried to undermine Hillary Clinton and the State Department's handling of the Libyan conflict in 2011.

The Times report confirms much of the information reported by For The Record in our April 2014 episode, "Zero Footprint." Specifically, that the intelligence community had no evidence of an impending "humanitarian crisis," which was the State Department's primary rationale for utilizing the U.S. Military to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power.

The Times report also confirmed that Clinton's State Department blocked the Pentagon's attempts at a ceasefire early in the conflict, according to retired Navy Rear Adm. Charles Kubic, who appeared on For The Record

FTR Correspondent Sara Carter spoke to Kelly Riddell, the co-author of the Washington Times article, by phone on Thursday while on assignment in Texas for the latest edition of our new podcast series FTR Flash.


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