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The remarkable story of the grandson of a leading U.S. Communist who became the largest foreign capitalist in Russia -- only to challenge Putin's kleptocracy and lose it all


And how the Magnitsky Act got its name

Vladmir Putin. (Getty Images)

Bill Browder rose from rebellious grandson of the former head of the Communist Party USA, Earl Browder, to the leading foreign capitalist in Russia, as the founder and CEO of the high-flying hedge fund Hermitage Capital Management.

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But his rise was matched by a brutal and deadly fall, in which the Russian government would steal and destroy Browder's company, and physically threaten its employees, culminating in the imprisonment, torture and death of Browder's lawyer Sergei Magnitsky -- the man for whom on account of Browder's lobbying, the Magnitsky Act was named.

Browder and a deceased Magnitsky would both be convicted in absentia by Russian courts of crimes they never committed, in an unprecedented show trial that followed.

Browder tells this remarkable and heart-rending true story, which would have international implications relevant today as the Magnitsky Act paved the way for further sanctions against the Putin regime following the invasion of Ukraine, in a page-turning new real life thriller out February 3rd titled "Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice."

In an extensive and in-depth interview, Browder told us his spellbinding story, the telling of which he writes in "Red Notice" may literally prevent him from getting killed. Below are some of the more compelling portions of our conversation, explaining how Browder ended up the largest foreign investor in Russia, how Russian authorities stole his companies and paid themselves $230 million of taxpayer dollars, and examining the brutal torture and death of Sergei Magnitsky.

We urge you to listen to the interview in full at bottom, and give "Red Notice" our highest recommendation.

How the Grandson of the Head of the Communist Party USA Became the Largest Foreign Capitalist in Russia

How Russian Officials Stole Bill Browder's Company and Paid Themselves 230 Million Dollars

The Ghastly Imprisonment, Torture and Murder of Sergei Magnitsky

The Full Harrowing Story of Bill Browder, Sergei Magnitsky, and the Corruption of Putin's Russia


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