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ESPN Radio Host on 'Why Guys Succeed in Business' More Than Some Women


"Guys are different."

ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd (Source:

ESPN radio hist Colin Cowherd argued on Wednesday that men “succeed in business” more than some women partly because they are able to “compartrmentalize really well.”

ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd (Source: ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd (Source:

“Guys do one thing really well, and I think it’s really helped them through the years in business,” Cowherd said. “Guys compartmentalize really well. Women don’t do it as well. And there’s a million articles on this, you can look it up. This isn’t some misogynistic take. I’m not saying every guy does it well and no women do it well. I’m not giving you an absolute but guys compartmentalize well.”

He said the women in his own life do not compartmentalize well.

“Get into a fight with them, lasts all month. Grudges. Guys are different. You get in a bar fight, five minutes later, ‘Dude, I’ve got a business idea.’ ‘What? We can make each other money? High-five, all in.’ We just compartmentalize -- it's the way our brains are wired,” he added.

But he said men also have “some things in our brains that hurt us,” including tendencies to “commit more crimes” and become “violent.”

“There are other things we do well. Spatial ability sometimes, men or women can do it really well. We compartmentalize really well,” Cowherd continued. He later added, “Part of why guys succeed in business, some of it is obviously tradition and opportunity, but some of it is guys can take really bad news and take it personally and it doesn’t destroy them.”

Listen to Cowherd’s remarks below:

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