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Comedian Jim Norton's Brutally Honest Take on White Liberals' 'Paternalistic' Racism — Plus, Three People He 'Hates\


"...they don’t feel like they should just treat a guy like a guy."

Jim Norton (TheBlaze TV)

When it comes to politics, comedian Jim Norton isn’t quite sure which category he belongs in -- maybe he doesn't belong in any of them. But he knows exactly where he stands on the issues. Norton doesn’t consider himself entirely conservative, liberal or libertarian, though he has admitted to sharing certain views with all of the ideologies.

But Norton, who now co-hosts a radio show with Gregg "Opie" Hughes on SiriusXM, has recently been bashing the left more often because they have been doing more things to annoy him, the comedian told TheBlaze’s Will Cain on “The Cain Conversation” Wednesday night.

(TheBlaze TV)

One issue that particularly frustrates Norton is the “paternalistic” racism of white liberals.

“A lot of racism is paternalism,” he said. “A lot of people hide their own racism because they treat blacks, minorities and other groups like children because deep down they feel superior and better than these people. And they don’t feel like they should just treat a guy like a guy."

He continued: "So they feel like, ‘I need to speak for you, and I need to speak for you, and I need to think for you, and I need judge you different in language and in morals than I judge other people of my race. It’s embarrassing.”

Norton then answered the initial question of whether he was racist, to which he responded, "I know I'm not -- and I have nothing to hide with that stuff. That's why I'm comfortable speaking about it.

He went on to say some liberals, even if they mean well, are actually "racist" because they "really think that they need to protect certain groups instead of treating them equally and holding them equally accountable."

Watch part of the conversation below:

After proclaiming his “hate” for Al Sharpton, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and disgraced New York State Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, Norton explained why he is so “disappointed” with liberals, thus leading to some of his scathing commentary against the left.

He said, at some point, it got “turned around” and the liberals who once fought to protect unpopular speech have become the language police.

“The fact is, hey dummies, you’re the ones supposed to be defending unpopular speech,” Norton said. “But they don’t, they are the first ones coming after you. To me, their language policing, they have destroyed everything I loved about them.”


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