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This May Be the Explanation That Puts to Rest the Great Debate Over #TheDress


This might be an answer.

The great dress debate may finally be solved.

But, first, a recap.

Thursday evening, a huge debate on the Internet suddenly ignited when an individual posted a photo of a dress asking a simple question: what colors are in the dress?

Image source: Tumblr / Swiked

Apparently some see white and gold, while others are more than convinced the dress is black and blue.

We may finally have an answer.

BuzzFeed scoured the Internet and appeared to found the dress that matches the pattern of the one originally posted online — it's blue and black.

Image source: Roman / Tumblr

The blue and black is also in line with what the original person who posted the dress online wrote.

"I swear to you its no hoax. I saw the dress in real life, it’s blue and black. Some people just see this pic as white and gold. I DONT HAVE ANY ANSWERS BUT I NEED THEM," the user commented online.

A user on Reddit further posted an explanation as to why so many people are seeing different things.

Image source: Screen grab / Reddit

And here's a final review on color perception:

UPDATE 11:13 p.m. ET: In an interview with BuzzFeed, the woman who first posted the photo confirmed the dress is in fact black and blue.

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