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Beck Eviscerates President Obama as a 'Special Kind of Liar' Who Has 'Brought Lying to an Art Form


"He is an artist. He is a Rembrandt or the Monet of lies."

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Glenn Beck on Friday said President Barack Obama has lied so consistently throughout his presidency that he has "brought lying to an art form."

"He's lied from the very beginning with the stimulus package, when we said the jobs would be shovel-ready," Beck said on his radio program, playing audio of the president saying the jobs would be "shovel-ready" and then later audio of him saying, "shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected."

"Not a surprise," Beck said scornfully. "He was shoveling a lot of stuff, and they weren't projects. He's been shoving the last eight years. I think this bears repeating -- nobody wants to believe the president of the United States is a liar. Nobody. It doesn't work out well. No one wants to say that about the president."

Beck said he has immense respect for the office of the president of the United States, but "it is a fact" that Obama is a "special kind of liar."

Image credit: The Associated Press

"The proof is readily available for anybody who cares to look," Beck said. "And the fact is, the president is a special kind of liar because he can lie about things that have long been proven to be lies. Then he has the nerve to tell you to look up the evidence. ... That's what he did this week."

Beck played audio of the president saying: "It was one thing for them to argue against Obamacare before it was put in place. Every prediction they have made about it turned out to be wrong. See, it's working better than even I expected. But it doesn't matter. Evidence be damned."

"Yeah, evidence be damned," Beck repeated. "That was a special kind of liar. You have to almost sit back in awe and say 'Oh, my gosh, he is an artist. He is a Rembrandt or the Monet of lies. He is so convincing, he may even have convinced himself!' And I believe he has. But what a statement. 'Evidence be damned.' All of the evidence is on our side, and he makes the opposite claim. But we have seen it before, repeatedly."

Beck played audio of the president saying it is an "illegitimate concern" that Obamacare could lead to a single-payer healthcare system, and separate audio of the president saying, "A single-payer health care plan, universal health care plan -- that's what I'd like to see."

He also played audio of the president saying the costs associated with Obamacare are "absolutely" not taxes, and belittling George Stephanopoulos for implying otherwise. Then, Beck noted, the Obama administration argued before the Supreme Court that the costs were taxes.

"So it wasn't a tax; it is a tax," Beck summarized. "He wanted a single payer, he doesn't want a single payer. I am absolutely for a single payer, but against a single payer."

Perhaps most egregiously, Beck said, the president promised the nation that "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

"Turns out millions of Americans couldn't and didn't," Beck said.

"I hate being the guy telling you the president of the United States is a liar. I hate it. I don't want to be this guy, but nobody else will say it," Beck concluded. "Somebody has to, for the record, set it straight. Someone has to preserve the record, because they are changing our history. If they say it enough, it will be recorded that way for all time and no one will know the truth."

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