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Just Watch How NRA Audience Reacts When Speaker Introduces Members of the Media


"Those of you in the back have the safest assignment in America, today."

NASHVILLE -- If one thing was made clear at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Nashville, it’s that NRA members aren’t big fans of the media.

That was made evident by the not-so-warm welcome that reporters received during the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday. When NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox told attendees to “wave” at members of the media sitting in the back of the room, they groaned and did so sarcastically.

“We need to start off — and be nice — everybody wave to the back, those are our friends in the media back there. Don’t give them the one-finger salute, give them the full wave,” Cox said. “Those of you in the back have the safest assignment in America, today. Not just because of the brave men and women in uniform, but because of the rank-and-file NRA members who are carrying firearms right now.”

Cox then mockingly told reporters, “I hope you’ll all keep that in mind when you are writing your stories about today’s event because we are counting on you to be completely fair and honest.”

That drew more groans from the audience. Watch the moment below:


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