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This Black Driver Was Stopped by a White Cop. What Happened Next Had Him Pulling Over to Record This Message.


"I made sure my hands were on the steering wheel. I made sure to speak very politely as I always do. I did what he told me to do."

Image via LiveLeak

He's got a story to share.

"Usually I don't do these kinds of videos but I felt like this one was necessary," he begins.

Image via LiveLeak

In a video posted to LiveLeak Friday, 22-year-old Will Stack sits behind the wheel of his car and tells of being pulled over by a police officer in Lexington, South Carolina.

"I made sure my hands were on the steering wheel," he says. "I made sure to speak very politely as I always do. I did what he told me to do."

What he says happened next is mundane: the cop gave him a warning and let him go.

But the fact that a white cop and a black civilian interacted peacefully, Stack says, is something he wants to share with the world.

"I am an African-American male," Stack says. "This gentleman was Caucasian. There were no problems."

He says the simple encounter speaks volumes about the possibilities of racial harmony.

"Just because you're black doesn't mean you're a victim, just because you're white doesn't mean you're a racist," he says. "God doesn't see color, why should we?"

Watch the video below:

On Reddit, commenters had decidedly mixed reactions to the video.

Many accused the video of pandering to white Americans' desire to brush aside the possibility that police can be racist.

One commenter wrote:

He had a normal interaction with an officer and used it to suggest that some police shootings are justified? What? We know there are occasions where use of force is justified, however when you have shootings happening SO often when the officer is often found to not be afraid for their life, that's when you start to ask questions about police training and potential racist undertones.

This is just another video for frustrated white people to point to in order to suggest that racism is dead.

Other commenters found the video in poor taste given the high profile killings of black men — including the fatal shooting of Walter Scott in the back earlier this month — by white police officers that have featured heavily in the national media over the past few years.

But still other commenters said the young man's message resonated with them.

"I think he's just trying to highlight one of the good encounters [with police]," a commenter wrote. "We all know (and he does too) that there are racist cops who do bad s*** because we always hear about it, but we don't hear about all the white cops who give young black men warnings instead of tickets. It's not that his anecdote cancels out the bad s***, it's just that it helps balance it out by reminding us that good encounters happen too."

"It's kind of sad that any of this needs to be said," another wrote. "The media has warped the minds of so many people that we actually believe most cops are corrupt — or that most cops 'hide' corruption — however you want to word it."

The commenter continued, "We've seen a very few select incidents [in high profile cases such as Scott's or Michael Brown's], when hundreds of thousands of police interactions happen every day and nearly all of them pan out how this video describes."

UPDATE: On Monday, Stack appeared on "Fox and Friends" to discuss the viral reaction to his video — watch the video below:

This story has been updated.

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