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British Preachers Tell Muslims to Boycott U.K. Elections Because the Result Won't Be Shariah Rule


"U.K. go to hell!"

Anjem Choudary at an anti-voting rally (Screenshot: YouTube/MEMRI)

A group of British Islamists is calling on Muslims to boycott next month’s U.K. elections, telling candidates across the political spectrum, the U.K. and democracy itself to “go to hell.”

“No to Conservative. No to Labor. No to Liberals. No to UKIP [anti-immigration party]. Yes to Islam!” said prominent Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary, who spoke at a protest where speaker after speaker promoted the idea that Britain should be guided by Islam and Shariah law, not democracy or secularism.

“No to democracy, no to freedom … no to Christianity, no to Judaism ... no to democracy. Democracy, go to hell! Democracy, go to hell!” Choudary told the crowd. “[Prime Minister David] Cameron is the enemy of Allah! [Home Secretary] Theresa May is the enemy of Allah!”

The rally took place earlier this month, but excerpts were posted Monday by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

According to MEMRI, Islamist activist Mizanur Rahman said to those gathered, “Cameron go to hell! … U.K. go to hell! … Democracy go to hell!”

“The U.K. is the enemy of Allah!” Rahman added.

Abu Izzadeen, a radical preacher who has been jailed for fundraising for and inciting to terrorism, likened voting to acting like a donkey and a pig. He said:

If you want paradise and success in this world and the world to come, then follow the messenger Muhammad. If you want loss in this world and to be humiliated and to become nothing more than a donkey to be ridden by the infidels, vote for Labor and become a donkey. Vote for Conservative and become a donkey, brother. Vote for the Liberal Democrats and become – what? – a donkey, a pig.

Abu Izzadeen also suggested that only a government that promotes Shariah law should get Muslim votes.

“The elections are a method to draw you away from Islam. You can vote for Labor, you can vote for Conservative, you can vote for the Liberal Democrats but every single one of these parties – do they believe in the exclusive governance of Allah?” Abu Izzadeen said. “Will you support the enemies of Allah? Will you support those who dishonor the Shariah of Allah?”

Choudary has frequently appeared on U.S. news shows, including clashing with Sean Hannity on Fox News in January and joking about 9/11 on CNN last year.

The controversial preacher has claimed that voting is a sin under Islamic law and launched a social media campaign #StayMuslimDontVote, Britain’s Independent reported last month.

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