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As Part of Plea Deal, This Actress Will Have to Apologize to the Cop She Accused of Racism


"...just because I’m black and he’s white."

Image source: Facebook

Actress Daniele Watts, best known for her role in “Django Unchained,” has reportedly pleaded no contest to a charge of disturbing the peace after she was caught allegedly engaging in a sexual act with her boyfriend inside a car. Though she got a lewd conduct charge under the plea agreement, the actress is now required to apologize to the police officer she accused of racism.

Image source: Facebook Image source: Facebook

Watts was approached last year by Sgt. Jim Parker, of the Los Angeles Police Department, after police received complaints about a couple having sex in the car. When the cop requested her ID, Watts alleged racism because she was a black woman with a white boyfriend.

“Do you know how many times I’ve been called — the cops have been called just for being black, just because I’m black and he’s white. I’m just being really honest, sir,” Watts said at the time of her arrest.

After refusing to show her ID, Watts noted that she has a “publicist” and is an actress.

“I’m mildly interested you have a publicist, but I’m going to see you’re ID,” the cop responded.

Parker ultimately handcuffed Watts when she refused to comply with his orders. The actress later went very public with her allegations about the officer.

But Sgt. Parker, who was clearly displeased at being accused of racism, is now set to receive his apology.

Listen to the original audio of the arrest below (WARNING: Strong language):


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