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Glenn Beck Thinks This Is Why Fewer Americans Are Identifying Themselves as Christian

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program May 12, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Tuesday said fewer Americans are identifying themselves as Christian today for two reasons. The first, he said, is because of how Christians are treated in the current political climate, and the second is because of how some Christians treat others.

"The easy explanation is to blame the world," Beck said. "You define yourself as a Christian and you're going to be defined by society as narrow-minded, judgmental, hateful. Believing marriage is between a man and a woman [is] used as ammunition to say you hate gays. ... Teaching intelligent design is literally likened to child abuse now, mocked as 'anti-science.' Virginity is mocked. Being pro-life is being spun as a war on women."

"So growing up today as a millennial -- that is damn near impossible," Beck continued. "Who would intentionally put themselves in a crowd that society has deemed anti-gay, anti-women, anti-science?"

But Beck said that is only part of the problem, and the bigger problem is one that most Christians don't want to acknowledge.

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program May 12, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The biggest problem with the Christian church are all of the Christians," Beck said. "Like it or not, people on the outside are watching. And I know, I can guarantee you, there are people in my church that have a problem because of me, they don't like me. I know I go to my church and I don't like some people in my church, and it seems to me that we're a little hypocritical."

Beck said the churches are "rife with hypocrites, know-it-alls, holier than thous and the judgemental," and he can be placed in that box "far too many times."

"The reason for this is -- as every believer knows - we're all human beings. We're all flawed," Beck said. "We're all liars and cheats and thieves to some extent. We're at church, at least I am, because it's a hospital. It's a spiritual hospital, and we don't recognize it as that."

"We, right now, look at church and say: 'Church, those are all the good people.' No they're not," Beck asserted. "Those are all the people saying, 'Help! I need help!' But we all put on these Facebook airs that we're all perfect, and we don't recognize that we need someone to rescue us from our condition. We need grace. The problem is we're all fallen, and we've all fallen short of extending that grace to others."

Beck said that instead of judging someone, people should "just try to help [and] try to love."

"When our testimony is how we live and church is who we are, we win," he concluded. "Love and courage and hope [is] the answer. ... To my dying day, it is the answer."

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