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They Don't Like You and They Just, Um, Never Will!': See 'Hillary Clinton's' Incredibly Awkward Summer Campaign


"What a fun thing to hear for almost 20 years."

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Nothing says "Summertime!" like a wool jacket and a tight smile.


The "Saturday Night Live" crew spoofed Hillary Clinton's grim march toward the White House this week with a musical number that shows just how uncomfortable the presidential candidate is with laid-back fun.

"Why don't you tell your parents to vote for me?" she asks a pair of "kids" as she lounges against her White House sandcastle.

"They don't like you," one responds.

Image via NBC

"Well what can I do moving forward to earn their vote?" "Clinton" queries.

"Um, I think nothing, 'cause they said they don't like you and they just, um, never will!" comes the chipper response.

"What a fun thing to hear for almost 20 years," "Clinton" groans.

Surfers, picnickers, bike-riders — all seem really weirded out by Clinton's persistent, early campaigning.

"Bill Clinton," on the other hand, seems to be having a ball at the beach.

"It's my mom," he tries to explain to his lady friend when his wife shows up.

Watch the whole clip below:

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