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Is this organ donor ad sweet or creepy?

Image via YouTube

It's got the sad music from "Up," an old man and a dog — so you know a tearjerker moment is coming up.

But can you predict the ending?

An Argentine ad for organ donation is attracting attention online — more than 1 million views on YouTube as of Saturday morning — and while some people are just tearing up, others are confused.

In the ad, a faithful dog follows its master until the old man collapses, leaving the dog to bond with a seemingly strange new woman outside the hospital — until you realize the message seems to be that the old man died and the woman got his organs.

"I thought the guy had a sex change, and the moral was that dogs don't see you for what sex you are," wrote one commenter on Reddit.

"I think it more [refers] to the good smelling of dogs, so that it smells his old owner in the lady," another chimed in.

Overall, many commenters found the ad sweet, but quite a few were puzzled and found the whole thing a little creepy.

What do you think? Take the poll below and discuss in the comments.

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