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You've Probably Never Tasted the World's Most Popular Beer


The top 10 beers come from only four countries.

Snow, the most popular beer in the world. (Image via

There's a new king of suds on the world stage.

Chinese brands have a firm grasp on the world's most popular beers, with four of the top 10 global beers calling China home, according to a Bloomberg roundup published this week.

At No. 1: Snow.

Snow, the most popular beer in the world. (Image via

China's Snow beer holds more than 5 percent global market share, meaning one out of every 20 beers sold worldwide is a Snow brew — yet the beverage is a rarity on American shores.

As Bloomberg noted, Snow's sales volume has skyrocketed some 573 percent since 2005, when it was the 11th-most popular beer in the world.

The most popular American beers come in at No.s 3 and 4, Bud Light and Budweiser (a name that half of America can't spell).

Check out the full list below via Business Insider:

Image via Business Insider

Of course, the ranking of global beer behemoths comes as craft breweries are exploding across the U.S.

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