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The Reported Reason a Saudi Religious Cop Shouted Down a Burqa-Clad Woman in Now-Viral Video: 'Walk Away...Don't Say a Word!



When a burqa-clad woman who was almost entirely covered from head to toe walked into the Barzan Mall in Hail, Saudi Arabia, she was promptly berated and denied entrance due to the fact that her hands were exposed, multiple media outlets are reporting.

Video showing a religious police officer allegedly yelling at the woman and telling her that she cannot enter a store inside of the shopping center due to her failure to wear gloves has gone viral globally, AFP reported.

"Walk away ... don't say a word ... put on some gloves!," the man yelled before turning the unnamed woman away. The officer also reportedly told her that she was "indecent" by not having her hands covered.

Watch the clash below:

The man in the clip is reported to be a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a body that employs religious police and strictly enforces religious rules in Saudi society, the Daily Mail reported.

The police force is currently looking into the matter after the video went viral, with some claiming that she was originally approached for sitting to close to a man inside of the shopping center, according to the Daily Mail.

"There was only one small table separating them and their position prompted the commission member to intervene and to ask her to finish her shopping and leave the shopping area in the northern area of Hail," one source said, according to International Business Times.

The video's origins are unclear, though the clip's viral nature has sparked conversations about women's rights.

As TheBlaze has reported in the past, Saudi Arabia is among the most restrictive nations when it comes to the rights of women, as the country does not allow females to marry or work without permission from a man and precludes them from driving vehicles.

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