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Beck Slams the 'Dirtbags in Washington' Who Are Making a 'Shameless' Power Grab Amid Patriot Act Debate


"Our government is incompetent. Our government is corrupt."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program June 1, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Monday slammed the "dirtbags in Washington" who he believes are making a "shameless" power grab in attempting to extend key provisions of the Patriot Act.

"Progressives in both parties are fighting to continue to collect as much of your personal data as possible, all in the name of security of course," Beck remarked on his television program. "The government will not give up this much power easily. This is going to be a long battle, over probably several sessions of Congress and the next president."

Beck said politicians who have warned that the United States is opening itself up to a terrorist attack by limiting the mass collections of Americans' phone records are making a "ridiculous" argument.

"[Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell said that if the Patriot Act lapsed for even one day, we would be in danger from ISIS and other terrorists. I for one am really tired of this argument," Beck said. "If they actually believed that we were in danger from terrorists and they believed it was their job to stop it, they would've done simple things like secure our borders!"

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"This is nothing more than a shameless grab of power. Yes, we are in danger. But they are only orchestrating more power for themselves," Beck added. "My question for Washington is, if the Patriot Act makes us so secure, why did the Boston bombing happen? ... Why did Benghazi happen? Why don't we know about the phone calls and the emails that happened the day after?"

"How am I supposed to feel safe when the very government claiming they're using all of the necessary tools to keep us safe will not look into a single radical mosque?" Beck continued with increasing indignation. "But they will monitor Aunt Judy's phone call discussing important deviled egg recipes?"

Beck said the same politicians who tell Americans they cannot live without the NSA's domestic surveillance programs said several years ago that the technology didn't exist, and "it's outrageous that you would even ask us if we'd use technology like that."

"Our government is incompetent. Our government is corrupt. Our government, on a charitable day, is misguided," Beck concluded. "Thanks, federal government, for your offer to have me trade my freedom for some of your yummy security, but I think we'll pass."

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