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Beck Responds to Critics of Plea That Americans Come to the Aid of Middle East Victims


"Pretty depressing"

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program June 4, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

After Glenn Beck on Tuesday said an "army of compassion" needs to come to the aid of those being persecuted in the Middle East, Beck said some in his audience questioned his choice of direction.

"I read the [comments] on the after the show I did. It was pretty depressing," Beck admitted on his radio program Thursday. "It's time to be peaceful, nonviolent. But it is time to stand. And it's time to stand for those people who are ... losing their lives right now."

Beck said he is making an announcement on Monday's radio broadcast about how exactly he plans to help, saying "it's what's been coming since 8/28 in Washington, DC."

Beck read some of the comments, which included "Nazi Germany wasn't defeated by providing comfort to its victims" and "Why should I fight for — or show compassion to — people who are being slaughtered, who would just as soon kill me if I were standing face to face with them and disagreeing with their religion?"

Beck specifically responded to a comment that discussed "embracing ISIS as brethren" -- something he never said.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program June 4, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"I mean, it was ugly. It was ugly," Beck said. "I don't think people, A, are listening. They obviously didn't hear what I said. Because I didn't say anything about being soft on ISIS by any stretch of the imagination. For the love of Pete -- I'm writing a book called 'It IS About Islam.'"

Beck said it is crucial that Americans wake up to the "holocaust that is happening overseas right now."

"You think the government is going to do one damn thing if you don't care about it?" Beck demanded. "Nobody is talking about the slaughter and the crucifixion of the children! If we don't care, the government won't care. If we don't care, those people will die. The government will not wake up and suddenly be holy."

"I need your help," Beck said in a Facebook post about the same subject. "Our work begins Monday. It is hard work and we will be called many names. But compassion is what we now lack as a nation.  For those who are being slaughtered, Christian, atheist, those not Muslim enough, straight and gay. We each have a [role] to play. People feel powerless. You are not. Our pulpits are silent on far too many things. The only way to win is to follow and live the teachings Of Christ. It worked for Mandela, King and Ghandi."

"Monday I'm going to be making an announcement, and I would like for you to join me," Beck concluded. "It's what's been coming since 8/28 in Washington, DC. Restoring Honor. See how many people are willing to stand now, when the chips are really down, when it really causes you harm."

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