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Could This Be What Happened to Vladimir Putin When He Vanished for 10 Days?


"Putin was being held somewhere against his will."

Russian President Vladimir Putin speeches in the Haidarabad Palace on December 11, 2014 in Delhi, India.
Credit Konstantin Zavrazhin/Getty Images

Glenn Beck on Monday said recent events suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin was being held against his will when he disappeared for 10 days in March.

"In January ... we predicted that one of two things would happen. Either Putin would continue his military aggression and he would start annexing more regions throughout Europe like he did in Ukraine, or he would be pushed back and that would anger the more dangerous radical fascists," Beck said on his television program.

"The only thing we didn't know was the timing, and how long all of this would take to play out," Beck continued. "It turns out, not very long. It's almost as if the Kremlin is watching TheBlaze because days after our episode aired, almost on cue, all of the dominoes began to actually fall."

Beck said at the time of his "Root: Red Storm Rising" special, Putin's military aggression was "running wild" and "everybody was in his camp." But on Feb. 11, Putin reversed course and agreed to a cease-fire in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speeches in the Haidarabad Palace on December 11, 2014 in Delhi, India. Credit Konstantin Zavrazhin/Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks in the Haidarabad Palace, Dec. 11, 2014 in Delhi, India. (Konstantin Zavrazhin/Getty Images)

"That's when the fascist radicals really begin to step up to try to push Putin into battle, and they are now angry that he won't," Beck continued. "This is a pattern that we have seen with all the other rulers of Russia in the last 100 years: by abandoning the military actions, he is putting a huge target on his back."

Beck said Putin's top priority quickly became building a coalition to protect his position, and he began transferring power from the Federal Security Service to the Ministry of the Interior.

"The FSB and the MVD do not have a good history. They are rivals, constantly locked in power struggles," Beck said. "On March 8th, shortly after the assassination of [opposition leader Boris Nemtsov], Putin's new enemies in the FSB claimed they had two suspects." One of them had been a commander in the Chechen police.

Beck said the move was significant because Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov "is in the camp of Putin," and if one of his commanders was found guilty of murdering a Russian opposition leader, it would look bad for Putin.

"Then, a few short weeks later, the major power structures in Russia ... had to choose sides. It's Putin and his Department of Homeland Security, or it's the former KGB and fascist radicals," Beck continued. "March 6th, Putin mysteriously goes missing for 10 days. Nobody knew why. But when you look at the series of events that happened just prior to his disappearance, the likely reason seems to come clearer into focus."

Beck said a man like Putin doesn't just "vanish" for 10 days, especially amid the wild speculation that there had been a coup.

"The more likely scenario now is that Putin was being held somewhere against his will," Beck concluded. "It was a show of force by the FSB, Alexander Dugin or perhaps another influential fascist radical. They wanted to make sure that Putin got back into the business of taking more land and restoring Russia to her previous glory."

"We don't know the reason, but you can bet that Putin wasn't just off writing memoirs in some remote cabin," Beck added. "Something went down. We don't know what. But it looks like the fascists took him."

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