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Piers Morgan Sparks Free Speech Debate After Revealing What He'd Do With 'White People Who Use the N-Word


"First he came for the Second Amendment. Then he came for the First."

elevison Personality Piers Morgan Credit: Getty Images

Piers Morgan revealed on Monday what he thinks the punishment should be for any “white person” who says the “N-word:” jail time.

“What would I do with white people who use the N-word?” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “Jail them.”

Morgan lashed out at critics, including author Ben Shapiro, who accused the former TV host of wanting to alter the freedoms that are included in the First Amendment. In response, Morgan alleged that Shapiro “wants the right to wave his little gun around AND use the N-word!”

Finally, Morgan cited South Africa’s banning of the “K-word” as proof that making words illegal “works.”


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