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Police SUV Takes an Insane Hit by Semitruck Plowing Through a Red…and When You Realize Where It Happened You’ll Agree It’s a ‘Miracle’ Too


"Results could have been fatal."

Grand Prairie, Texas, police officers have cheated death not once but twice within the week.

The most recent instance occurred Friday on Highway 161 when a Grand Prairie Police Department officer's SUV was slammed by a semitruck running a red light. Though the impact sent a wheel flying, this officer only suffered minor injuries.

Watch the video:

Before this accident there was another incident, which TheBlaze noted last week, where a car crashed into a police cruiser making a traffic stop.

"Thankfully, a passerby on a sport motorcycle stopped to help our officer by taking off his bandana and wrapping the officer’s arm in it, stopping the bleeding," the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Just look at the pictures of his squad car and marvel that bumps and bruises were the worst of it for this officer:

"We never thought to have two back-to-back fleet accidents where the results could have been fatal for the officers; however, by a pure miracle (define that as you will) the officers in both instances walked away with minor injuries," the police department wrote on its Facebook page.

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