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Megyn Kelly and Ann Coulter Hit Back at Controversial AP Photos of a Gun Aimed at Ted Cruz's Head


"Don't insult our intelligence."

Fox News host Megyn Kelly and conservative commentator Ann Coulter tackled the controversy over Associated Press photos of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz appearing to have a gun pointed at his head, with Coulter dismissing the AP's claim that it wasn't meant to portray Cruz in a "negative light."

"That is so outrageous," Coulter said of the AP's explanation. "Don't insult our intelligence by saying, 'Oh, well we didn't even notice.'"

Kelly recalled the 2011 controversy over a political map created by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, saying there seems to be a double standard at play.

"When Sarah Palin went up with her ad that had crosshairs on it -- just crosshairs, not an actual gun -- saying these are the Democratic districts that are targeted, she wound up getting blamed for the shooting of Gabby Giffords," Kelly said. "God forbid anything were to happen to Senator Cruz as a result of this threatening photo, would there be similar outrage? Shouldn't everyone be more careful if they're going to apply that kind of a standard to messaging?"

She added that the believes that liberals would be up in arms if the photos showed Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama rather than Cruz.

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As TheBlaze previously reported, the AP issued a statement, but no apology on Sunday night, claiming that there was no ill will in capturing the photos that appeared to show a pistol aimed at Cruz's head.

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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