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In First Big Performance Since His Arrest, Rapper Diddy’s Week Gets Worse at BET Awards

Image source: YouTube

Just days after he was arrested on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon — reportedly a kettlebell — legendary rapper Diddy fell into yet another hole.

Quite literally, this time.

At the BET Awards Sunday, Diddy — whose real name is Sean Combs — suddenly dropped out of camera view while he was performing onstage.

Another angle showed him having fallen into a hole in what appeared to be a catwalk — with one leg sticking out of the opening and the other down below — with fans reaching for their fallen hero on either side of him.

Image source: YouTube

But props to the hip-hop mogul formerly known as Puff Daddy — the 45-year-old sprang right back up and kept on performing.

Content warning: Clip contains several N-word references:

Watch the fall and rapid recovery.

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