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Beck Highlights the 'Striking' Parallels Between the Weimar Republic, Greece and America


"Do you think we'll be any different when our economic day of reckoning comes?"

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program June 29th, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Monday highlighted the "striking" parallels between the Weimar Republic, Greece and America, saying "everything Greece has done, everything we're doing, we've seen it play out before."

"They're bracing for social unrest [in Greece] as the ATMs run out of cash," Beck said on his television program. "Self-preservation is kicking in. People are hoarding gasoline and groceries. I'm mocked all the time for saying to prepare. ... But look how quickly things go down the moment you lose access to all the conveniences you assumed you were always going to have access to. Let me ask you a question: do you think we'll be any different when our economic day of reckoning comes?"

Beck said Greece is not the first country to face economic instability, and the Weimar Republic went down a similar path after World War I.

"Most of it stemmed from the government's decision to attempt to pay its deep foreign debts, inflicted by progressive Woodrow Wilson on Germany," Beck said. "They decided they were going to print the money and just give the rest of the world inflated money. They didn't have any money, so they just printed it. Sound familiar? This caused hyperinflation, which crippled the economy, put it out. Unemployment, food and energy shortages were everywhere and the people were desperate."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program June 29th, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said the Weimar Republic also forced citizens to register their guns, which later allowed the government to confiscate firearms from the political opposition and Jews. Moreover, he said, they legalized drugs in the Weimar Republic and "abandoned morals to become hyper-sexualized."

"What have we done? We legalized drugs, and I don't think I have to spend any time convincing anyone that the ship has sailed on valuing morality," Beck added. "Weimar tried to print their way out of debt, so did Greece, so are we. Weimar restricted guns, so have we. Nazis used suffering to gain power -- extremists did the same in Greece and we're beginning to do it here as well."

Beck said the turning point in the Weimar Republic was when the Constitution was violated and the Night of Long Knives occurred.

"If the German people would've stood up, the legitimate German president would've kicked him out. But the German people stood up and applauded," Beck continued. "[Hitler] changed the course of that country and the world. ... He nationalized and socialized their new economy. He imaged himself as a Christian. ... But in the end, he became an anti-Christ himself."

"We cannot make the mistakes of the past," Beck concluded. "Our government is already making them. We as a people must begin to gather together and stand for eternal principles in our own lives. No matter what our faith or our doctrines, we must come together."

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