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Fox News Producer Confronts San Francisco Officials Over Killing of Kate Steinle: 'How Many Dead People Does It Take?


"Mayor! Mayor Lee! Mayor, you in here? It's Jesse with the 'O'Reilly Factor!'"

Fox News producer Jesse Watters, who is known for his ambush-style interviews, traveled to San Francisco this week to press officials about the city's sanctuary policy in light of the killing of Kate Steinle.

Francisco Sanchez, accused of fatally shooting Steinle, was deported five times and had several prior felony convictions, but was set free because of the liberal city's refusal to cooperate with federal officials on immigration.

Watters attempted to confront San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee about the city's controversial policy. When the Fox News producer arrived at his office, he was referred to the mayor's communications office. Before leaving, however, Watters shouted for Lee to come out of his office.

"Mayor! Mayor Lee! Mayor, you in here? It's Jesse with the 'O'Reilly Factor!' Just have a few questions," he said.

Watters then visited Lee's press office and pressed communications director Christine Falvey.

[sharequote align="right"]"How many dead people does it take?"[/sharequote]

"I came all the way from New York just to get a few answers about the sanctuary city police," Watters told her.

"He did send out a statement about this issue. It's a very serious issue," Falvey replied.

"Is taking it seriously just sending out a little piece of paper, when someone's murdered because of a policy you support?" Watters shot back. "That doesn't sound that serious to me."

"I don't think that's characterized correctly," Falvey responded.

Watters continued to press her.

"How is that mischaracterizing it?" he asked. "How did I mischaracterize it?"

Falvey would only say that Lee would "continue to work on this issue and that it should have never happened."

Watters then asked for specifics on how the mayor would tackle the issue. Falvey was unable to answer.

"How many dead people does it take?" Watters asked.

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