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Obama Weighs in on Bill Cosby Rape Allegation


“I'll say this..."

Comedian Bill Cosby speaks at the 20th anniversary of Rev. Al Sharpton's organization the National Action Network on April 6, 2011 in New York City. President Barack Obama was also a speaker of the event. With about 19 months to go until the 2012 presidential election, President Obama launched his reelection campaign last Monday. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

President Barack Obama declined to address the allegations of rape against legendary comedian Bill Cosby head on, but did speak about drugging someone before sex.

During a White House press conference Wednesday, a reporter asked Obama, “Would you revoke the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Cosby?”

(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

President George W. Bush presented Cosby with the medal of freedom in 2002. Recently, a rape victims advocacy group posted a petition on calling for Obama to revoke the medal.

“With respect to the Medal of Freedom, there is no precedent for revoking a medal,” Obama said. “We don't have that mechanism."

“As you know, I tend to make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there might still be if not criminal then civil issues involved,” Obama’ said. “I'll say this: If you give a woman or a man for that matter without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.”

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