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Crooks Have a New Way of Stealing Your Car, and It All Starts When You Pull Up to a Red Light


Police in the Milwaukee area are warning the public about a new carjacking method they're seeing, and it all starts when a driver pulls up to a red light.

"They generally target females," said West Allis, Wisconsin, Police Lt. Jeff Nohelty told WTMJ-TV. When the driver stops, a car then taps the driver's bumper from behind. That the ruse is on.

"So when the person gets out to talk about the accident, the juveniles will jump into their car and take their car," Nohelty explained.

In the last week alone, WTMJ reports, Milwaukee police have reported six such carjackings. They usually happen in the evening.

So what are you to do if you get hit from behind? Police say you are not required to exit your vehicle. You can call them and just wait until they arrive.

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