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Carly Fiorina Says She Would 'Immediately' Change This Policy If Elected President


"We've known this for almost a year now"

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina appears on TheBlaze TV with Dana Loesch July 17, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Friday that she would "immediately" work to change America's policy of disarming soldiers at military recruiting and reserve centers if elected president. The interview came one day after four U.S. Marines were killed in a horrific attack at a military recruiting center in Tennessee.

"Of course we need to permit these fighting men and women to defend themselves," Fiorina said in an interview with Dana Loesch. "Think about this: these are Marines who've stormed battlefields in Ramadi and Afghanistan, and they're killed by a coward driving by in his car. And they had no way of defending themselves. It is outrageous. I would change the policy immediately, and I'm very disappointed at the lack of action from this president."

Fiorina said if the Marines had any way of protecting themselves, their deaths likely could have been prevented.

"In addition to having the sad history of this happening previously, we also know that ISIS has said that they are targeting military installations, recruitment facilities and military families," Fiorina added. "We've known this for almost a year now. They've been very explicit about it."

"Whether this guy turns out to be ISIS-inspired or not, it's clearly an attack on the homeland, a military installation," she continued. "And so immediately, this policy should have been changed when we learned ISIS was going to target military facilities, military men and women and their families."

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