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Here's What Happened When a Supposedly Atheist 'Daily Show' Correspondent Questioned a Pastor About Contentious Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


"A plague of locusts."

"The Daily Show" poked fun at a Christian pastor who expressed his belief that the faithful in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, are being discriminated against following the city's passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance earlier this year.

Pastor Randall Christy spoke out against Ordinance 2223, which extends anti-discrimination benefits to gays and lesbians in housing, public accommodations and employment, telling "Daily Show" correspondent Jordan Klepper exactly why he opposes it.

"This law deliberately discriminates against the church," the pastor said. "They have a paragraph regulating church hiring practices."

But city counsel woman Joyce Zeller pushed back against these claims, telling Klepper the exact opposite.

"Nobody’s taking away the church’s right do to anything," she said. "They are not a part of this ordinance."

Watch the segment below:

Zeller went on to say that religious conservatives were upset over the ordinance because "they are anti gay" and described them as descending upon opponents like "a plague of locusts."

"These 'poor religious people' are mean to us," she said. "They write letters to the editor, they march up and down the street holding signs saying, 'Divorce is evil.'"

Christy went on to express some of the other concerns he has over the ordinance, including the notion that it will allow "allow biological males to go wherever they want," speaking about the use of bathrooms that confirm with a person's preferred gender.

A one-pager published by opponents of the ordinance who are seeking repeal points to some of the reasons why people like Christy oppose the measure.

That document reads in part, "An attorney who does adoptions only for biblically married couples can be prosecuted under this ordinance. A person who does not believe in providing services for a same-sex ceremony can be prosecuted under this ordinance. A counselor who has an objection to providing counseling services regarding same-sex relationships can be prosecuted. The list goes on and on."

"Yes, this backwards town actually voted to protect the LGBTQ community," Klepper quipped.

It appears Klepper, though, is an equal opportunity offender, as he also poked fun at atheists in a comical segment not long ago.

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