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See the Ad Being Run in Newspaper by Georgia Sheriff Offering ‘FREE Service’ to ‘Help’ Drug Dealers


"Attention Drug Dealers..."

Sheriff Steve Jessup (Image source: McIntosh County)

A Georgia sheriff is offering drug dealers a very unique offer — and it's completely free.

McIntosh County Sheriff Stephen Jessup placed an ad in the Darien News this week that he hopes will net some results.

"Attention Drug Dealers," the ad said at the top. "Is your Drug Dealing Competition Costing You Money?"

Image source: The Darien News

"We offer a FREE service to help you eliminate your drug competition!" it added, encouraging dealers to "report" competing dealers using a provided form.

"They are cutthroats and they will turn on each other all the time," Jessup said Friday, according to NBC News.

[sharequote align="center"]"They are cutthroats and they will turn on each other all the time."[/sharequote]

"I campaigned on trying to fight drugs to the best of our ability and to really make a dent in the local trade and this is a way of trying to do that," he added. "We tend to do things a bit differently in McIntosh County."

Sheriff Stephen Jessup (Image source: McIntosh County)

The sheriff said that no one has responded to the ad yet, but he's hopeful.

"I think we'll get some response," he said. "If not, nothing ventured, nothing gained," Jessup said, according to NBC News.

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