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Watch Democrat's Face When Former Bush Adviser Tells Her the Left Won't 'Stand Up to Selling Unborn Baby Parts


"Trampling on your rights."

Matt Schlapp, a former White House political director under George W. Bush, had some tough words for the Obama administration, and liberals more broadly, during a Monday appearance on Fox News' "America's Newsroom."

The remarks — particularly the claim that the American left won't stand up to decry Planned Parenthood's alleged sale of aborted fetal remains — led his opponent, Mary Anne Marsh, a former adviser to John Kerry, to fervently shake her head and scowl in disagreement.

"Obama has grown government over his time in office ... it's all about more and more big government, more taxes, more regulation, trampling on your rights," Schlapp said, to which Marsh responded that this description is more befitting of the Bush era.

But Schlapp was nowhere near done, going on to say that Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is no more liberal than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

"They're telling us how to practice our faith, they won't stand up to selling unborn baby parts, they won't do what it takes to make America great again," he continued. "And they're nuclear-izing Iran."

Watch the exchange below:

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