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The Movement Both Glenn Beck and Mark Levin Believe America Needs to Survive


"We don't need everybody. We just need more people."

Glenn Beck speaks to Mark Levin on his radio program August 10, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck was shocked when he read fellow talk radio host Mark Levin's new book "Plunder and Deceit" over the weekend, saying they both seem to be advocating the same solution to many of the country's problems without even realizing it.

"I don't listen to Mark and Rush. All of us, we're so busy, we don't listen to each other. And I said, 'Well, your last chapter explains it,'" Beck said, relating his conversation with Levin. "His last chapter, his solution for all of the problems: There needs to be a new civil rights movement. That's the chapter heading, 'A New American Civil Rights Movement.'"

Beck has been calling for a new civil rights movement for years, and asked Levin on his radio program Monday how the movement could actually begin.

"All through your book, you are making a great case for, as you say, the rising generation and the ruling generation," Beck said. "But the problem is, as you point out in your book, the vast majority of both of those are so apathetic and undereducated and uninvolved and willing to just go along. How does this change?"

Glenn Beck speaks to Mark Levin on his radio program August 10, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"All right. Listen to me. I mean this," Levin responded. "There are literally tens of millions of us who are concerned about what's going on in this country. We don't know what to do about it. We're frustrated. We work every day. We go home. We cook our meals. We take care of our kids. We take them to Little League. In college, we're trying to raise enough funds is to buy their textbooks."

"We're being taxed the hell out of. We have to make ends meet. Government is a problem," Levin continued. "And it's ubiquitous, but we're trying to deal with what's going on in our own families."

But Levin said it's "a minority of people" who start a movement, and young people in particular need to remember that.

"We don't need everybody. We just need more people," Levin argued. "And I think the process, what you do and what I try to do, it's the only way to do it. Things will come to a head one day."

Levin said "it's scary watching society deteriorate" because of "massive government devouring and consuming everything in its way, whether it's the culture [or] the economy," but at some point Americans will "wake up."

"I am sick and tired of Al Sharpton telling me what a civil right is," Levin concluded. "I'm sick and tired of the left -- every one of their agenda items is camouflaged as a civil right. Global warming is now a civil right. Income equality is a civil right. No, it's not. That's left wing kookism. A civil right is about liberty. A civil right is about prosperity. A civil right is about faith and family and national sovereignty. And for me, most of all, it's about a constitutional republic."

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