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Muslim Leaders Are Reportedly Demanding That This Indonesian Man Change His 'Unseemly' Name



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An Indonesian man is reportedly being asked by local Muslim leaders to change his first name, as it means "God" in Indonesian and is, thus, considered inappropriate and "unseemly."

Tuhan Banyuwangi, 42, has been given two recommended options: either change his name entirely or add the prefix "Abdu," which would change its meaning from "God" to "Servant of God," according to reports.

A local branch of the Indonesian Council of Muslim Scholars — a governing body that is described as an "Islamic authority in Indonesia's East Java province" — made the suggestion recently after Banyuwangi's first name came to the group's attention, Deseret News National reported.

"We suggest the name change to avoid an interpretation that could lead to idolatry," Abdussomad Bukhori, the chief of the local Muslim scholars group, reportedly told Tempo.co. "Besides, the name Tuhan is unseemly from a religious point of view."

Banyuwangi reportedly responded to the controversy by explaining that he had no idea why his parents had named him Tuhan. He also expressed confusion at to why his name has become such a massive controversy, Malaysiakini reported.

And for anyone looking for an answer from his parents, it appears getting one simply won't be possible.

"My parents have passed away," Tuhan said.

The local chapter of the Indonesian Council of Muslim Scholars is reportedly so ardent about the issue that it has called on the government to revoke Banyuwangi's identity card until he agrees to change his name, precluding him from receiving social services.

It is unclear if the card will be revoked; Indonesia is a majority-Muslim country, though Islam is not the official state religion.

There's also one other ironic detail worth noting: Banyuwangi is reportedly a carpenter — the same profession that Jesus is believed to have had, as Deseret News National reported.

(H/T: Deseret News National)


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