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For the Record': A Nuclear Iran Would Immediately Become a Threat to Americans


Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal from both parties have argued against the process used to approve the agreement. Iran's history of failing to uphold existing treaties and agreements has been put in the spotlight, as has the direct threat to the state of Israel.

However, many military experts warn that a nuclear Iran is a direct threat to the United States, and it could happen in a "flash."

It's called an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. An EMP strike can be launched by detonating a nuclear weapon in the upper atmosphere or space. Experts say such an explosion over the U.S. would destroy unprotected military and civilian electronics nationwide, blacking out the electric grid and other critical infrastructure for months or years.

In 2004, a congressional committee investigating the threat estimated that half of all Americans could die within a year following an EMP attack.

For the Record exposes this major threat to the homeland — a danger most Americans never knew existed.

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