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Liberal Actor Matt Damon Excoriated by the Left for Comment He Made to Black Filmmaker on Diversity



Matt Damon was excoriated Monday by left-leaning news outlets and thousands of users on Twitter for a comment he made on diversity during Sunday night's season premiere of HBO's "Project Greenlight."

The first episode in season four of the reality television show centered around Damon and Ben Affleck searching for a person to direct a comedy in which man is dumped on his wedding day and marries a black prostitute named Harmony.

"Dear White People" producer Effie Brown advised Damon and Affleck that a person of diversity be considered to direct the film, considering the subject matter. Damon hit back with a comment on diversity that now has him under fire.

"When we talk about diversity, you do it in the casting of the movie, not the casting of the show," Damon said, suggesting diversity should be a focus when hiring the actors to play the parts, but less-so when looking for behind-the-scenes crew.

"Wow," Brown replied in apparent shock.

Left-leaning news websites immediately jumped on the comment to go after Damon, an avowed liberal Democrat. MIC called his comment "not just tone-deaf" but "aggressively ignorant." Salon suggested Damon "needs to open his eyes on diversity." Slate said the comment reflected "why Hollywood still has a diversity problem."

Damon's name also trended on Twitter Monday, with uses blasting him for his views on diversity.

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