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No One Is Going to Come in and Mess With Me': Home Intruder Left This 63-Year-Old Woman's Home Empty-handed


"This is my house and no one is going to come in and mess with me. I’m not going to have it."

Edna Asher (Image source: WISH-TV)

Edna Asher, 63, is accustomed to frequent visitors to her Indianapolis home, so she didn't think twice before leaving front door unlocked Saturday evening. Little did she know that a would-be robber was about to confront her.

"I was expecting a 'hi,' and I got a 'I want all your drugs, and I want all your money,'" Asher told WISH-TV.

Edna Asher (Image source: WISH-TV)

But the 63-year-old wasn't about to let him get away with "messing with" her in her house, so she reached for the only object near her that could help fight him off.

"I started to get up. He slapped me around a little bit," Asher said. "And that's when she I happened to remember and see that my cane was next to my bed."

Asher said she took two swings and hit the man both times just before the suspect took off running.

While the 63-year-old didn't actually have any prescription drugs, as the suspect demanded, she did have some cash on hand, WISH-TV reported.

As for the suspect's identity, police were only provided with a vague description and are still searching for the man. But judging from recent experience, he isn't likely to pay Asher another visit anytime soon.

"This is my house and no one is going to come in and mess with me," Asher said. " I’m not going to have it."


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