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Onlookers Were Out Kayaking in California When 'Within Seconds' They Witnessed 'Very Scary' Incident


"They kind of had to be in shock."

An individual on a Sanctuary Cruises whale tour off the coast of California captured the moment a breaching humpback whale landed on two kayakers outside the harbor in Moss Landing.

The footage was shot the morning of Sept. 12 and shows the group of kayakers stopped to see a "large aggregation of humpbacks feeding and carrying on with random acts of hijinks," according to the description accompanying the YouTube video.

"The next thing we knew, this thing launched right on top of these two kayakers," it added.

The two managed to escape without any serious injuries.

[sharequote align="right"]"I’m not sure if at this point these two know how lucky they were."[/sharequote]

"Kayaking with whales can be extremely dangerous. It can turn into a life or death situation real quick-like. Within seconds. It was very scary to watch," Captain Michael Sack of Sanctuary Cruises wrote on the company's website.

He added, "I’m not sure if at this point these two know how lucky they were. They kind of had to be in shock."

One of the kayakers, identified as Tom, told Inside Edition that it was "the most extraordinary thing to happen to me."

"We were taken under the water by the whale, perhaps in the down-draft," he said. "I think it brushed against me while I was out of the kayak … Neither of us know how we weren't ended there and then."

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