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Bobby Jindal's 'Very Politically Incorrect' Message on Father of Oregon Shooter 'Lecturing Us' on Gun Control


"You have the father of the Oregon shooter..."

After decrying the fact that “millions of kids” are growing up in families without father figures, Jindal then alerted the audience that he was about to say something “very politically incorrect.”

“You have the father of the Oregon shooter lecturing us about gun control. Here's a guy that, by his own admission, doesn't know how many guns his son had; doesn't know where he got the guns; wasn't in his son's life. He was living with his mom — really couldn't tell us a whole lot about his son. Who is he to be lecturing us?”

Jindal also said the left doesn’t “want to talk about the moral decay.”

“If you want to understand why this is happening, you know, it's the old saying, garbage in, garbage out,” he added. “Our cultural is getting more and more coarse, more and more violent.”

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Jindal will also appear on Beck’s TV program for a full hour on TheBlaze TV on Monday at 5 p.m. ET.


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