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Donald Trump Thinks It's 'Very Possible' the Democratic Party Told CNN This Ahead of Debate


"You're accusation ... that's a very strong accusation."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on the Fox News Channel Wednesday evening that he thinks it is "very likely" the Democratic Party dictated some of the terms of the debate to CNN.

Trump told host Bill O'Reilly that he watched the debate Tuesday night, saying he felt he had an "obligation" since he could end up running against one of the individuals who participated.

The real estate tycoon then gave his observation about the debate.

"I will say that CNN did not hit them like they hit us. They didn't make them fight and there was very little fight in the group, Bill," he said.

Later in the interview, O'Reilly asked Trump if he thought CNN was "in the tank" for the Democrats.

"Is that what you're saying tonight?" he asked.

"Maybe the Democrats, headed by whoever might be heading it, maybe they said, 'This is the way we want it, and we insist on doing it this way,'" Trump said.

"You think the Democrats dictated to CNN?" O'Reilly asked.

"It's very possible," Trump replied.

"Your accusation ... that's a very strong accusation," O'Reilly said.

"It was a very different debate," Trump said.

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