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‘That’s a Lie!’: Geraldo Explodes When Jesse Watters Accuses Clinton of ‘One Lie I Cannot Abide’


"That's such a lie!"

Fox News personalities Geraldo Rivera and Jesse Watters clashed Monday afternoon over the facts surrounding the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

River unleashed on colleague Watters during an episode of "The Five" when Watters argued that then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton "left her ambassador behind" in Libya.

"That's such a lie!" an incensed Rivera said. "Such a lie! Where do you get [inaudible]?"

Watters quipped back that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was denied a request for security. Rivera and Watters continued to clash, prompting co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle to astutely note that "nobody can hear either of you when you are talking at the same time."

After a brief pause in their on-air clash, fireworks reignited when Rivera attempted to rebut the points Watters had made.

"The one lie I cannot abide is the pathetic statement that secretary Clinton left Ambassador Stevens and the other three heroes to die," Rivera said. "That is a slander on the United States government and the United States military! That is absolutely –"

Watters interjected, "Why couldn't they save their guys Geraldo? ...They didn't save their own guys."

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