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Watch Anderson Cooper’s Uncomfortable Exchange With Donald Trump Campaign Co-Chair: ‘I Don’t Appreciate This at All’


"I’m sorry this is where this is heading.”

Donald Trump's campaign co-chair and adviser Sam Clovis became indignant toward CNN host Anderson Cooper who asked him about the Republican presidential frontrunner "reversing himself" on policies.

"If he's going to portray himself as a truth-teller, someone who tells it like it is, shouldn't he be speaking the truth?" Cooper asked Clovis during Tuesday night's panel discussion, which included TheBlaze's Dana Loesch.

“I thought we were gonna have a discussion on policy tonight," Clovis replied, "and I’m sorry this is where this is heading.”

Cooper responded that such a question is about policy, given that Trump said "he was against going to Afghanistan and now he's for it."

“I don’t appreciate this at all," Clovis continued. "I didn’t have any indication that this was where we were gonna be going with this. I thought we were gonna be talking about policy and where we are in the campaign and our polling."

"If these are the issues that you want to bring up, that’s fine, and I’ll let the other commentators comment on it,” Clovis added.

Switching the topic to gun confiscation, which Trump has told rally audiences he's heard Obama is thinking of carrying out, Cooper asked Clovis, "Do you believe the president is really trying to take away guns, that he wants to sign an executive order to take away guns and that's based on reporting?"

Clovis told Cooper that CNN has reported about Obama speaking about a gun control model "much like that in the United Kingdom and in Australia. That, to me, leads us then to confiscations of guns ... so from that perspective, that's exactly where we're headed if the president has his way."

Cooper replied that Obama isn't talking about revoking the Second Amendment.

This story has been updated.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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