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Pay Attention to Hillary Clinton's Body Language as Jim Jordan Relentlessly Grills Her for First Blaming Video for Benghazi Attacks


"Calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue — of course it was an attack."


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) relentlessly questioned former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday over why she and other administration officials initially blamed a YouTube video for the Benghazi terror attacks, a claim contrary to available intelligence at the time.

“Your experts knew the truth, your spokesperson knew the truth, Greg Hicks knew the truth,” Jordan said during a House Benghazi Committee hearing. “But what troubles me more is I think you knew the truth.”

Jordan accused Clinton of telling the president of Libya, Egyptian prime minister and even family members that terrorists were behind the attack, but later suggesting to the American people that an anti-Muslim video sparked the attack.

“The American people want to know why,” Jordan added.

“If you look at the statement that I made, I clearly said it was an attack,” Clinton replied.

“Calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue — of course it was an attack,” Jordan shot back.

At one point, Clinton looked visibly annoyed by Jordan’s line of questioning.

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Clinton claimed there was a lot of “conflicting information” and later said part of the reason she spoke about the video was to alert other countries of the potential threat.


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