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High School Allegedly Bans Students From Wearing 'Red, White or Blue' to Football Game Over the Theme's 'Possible Offensive Connotations' (UPDATED)


“Anything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA, flags, Trump, etc."

Image source: Stephen Dunn/Allsport

An Arizona high school has allegedly barred its students from wearing "USA"-related apparel to a football game Friday night over fears the theme carries "negative connotations."

Stephen Dunn/Allsport

Students at Tempe's Corona del Sol High School reportedly were set to wear red, white and blue to the game at Marcos de Niza High School, also in Tempe, but an apparent editorial in the Corona del Sol student newspaper indicated that was forbidden.

"It is the unfortunate truth that if you wear red, white or blue to the game you will not be admitted to the stadium," the editorial said. "This is a fact."

The "administration recognized that this theme had negative connotations" and "decided it was best to avoid any possible offensive connotations the theme would have,” the paper said in its defense of school officials — as well as the student council — given that prior contests have "showcased cheers and chants that appeared racist or offensive toward Marcos."

Screenshot allegedly of portion of deleted editorial from Corona del Sol High School student newspaper, the Sunrise. (Image source: CdS Sunrise via the Daily Caller)

A link to the editorial was not active Friday, but screenshots said to be of the editorial were posted on Twitter.

When one person asked the newspaper staff for more specifics on what clothing shouldn't be worn Friday night, the paper replied, “Anything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA, flags, Trump, etc. It’s not the clothing, but the intent behind it.”

Image source: Twitter via the Daily Caller

The tweet was soon deleted.

Officials at Corona del Sol High School, Marcos de Niza High School and the Tempe Union High School District on Friday did not immediately reply to TheBlaze's requests for comment.

Friday's game is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Marcos de Niza.

UPDATE 5:10 a.m. ET Monday: The Tempe Union High School District on Friday announced in a tweet that there was no ban on colors or flags for the game: "All colors are welcome," the message read.

It remains unclear why the Corona del Sol High School student newspaper, the Sunrise, apparently posted a now-deleted editorial specifically stating those wearing "red, white or blue" would not be admitted to the game.

The origin of the tweet from the Sunrise Staff — stating that "Anything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA, flags, Trump, etc." was not allowed at the game — is also unclear. A report from KPNX-TV indicated the tweet was "a fake" and a "hoax" and that the district said it came from "a student account not authorized by the school."

No information was offered by the district on how it dealt with the tweet apparently from the school newspaper. The KPNX report acknowledged that some fans attending the game believed the school district was doing "damage control."

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

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