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Rush Limbaugh Says If GOP Debate Moderators Don’t Ask This Question Tonight, Then the 'Fix Is Really In\


"If that doesn’t happen, then the fix is really in."

Rush Limbaugh

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said on Wednesday that if GOP debate moderators don’t ask the candidates about the controversial budget deal, that means the “fix is really in.”

“I fully expect the moderators to ask these various candidates if they endorse the Republican budget deal — I mean, that’s a sitting duck,” Limbaugh said. “If that doesn’t happen, then the fix is really in.”

He added, “Folks, we’ve just taken half the arsenal out of the campaign against any Democrat nominee by assuming their role as big spenders, deficit spenders.”

The U.S. House planned on Wednesday to approve a bipartisan budget deal that congressional leaders struck with President Barack Obama after weeks of secret negotiations. Republicans also officially nominated Paul Ryan to become the next House speaker.

That pact would authorize more government borrowing to pay its bills and set overall defense and domestic spending limits for the next two years. Critics say it adds more debt and increases spending. The Senate seemed likely to give it final congressional approval in a few days.

Listen to the clip below via the Daily Rushbo:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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