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Before Russian Jet Crashed, U.S. Intel Reportedly Intercepted This Ominous Message From Islamic State Affiliate


The U.S. intelligence community intercepted an ominous message from an Islamic State affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula before a Russian passenger jet crashed in the area, killing all 224 aboard, NBC News reported Friday night.


The message from the terror affiliate warned of "something big in the area."

President Barack Obama said Thursday it's a "possibility" that a bomb brought down the plane.

Asked Friday about the president's comment, press secretary Josh Earnest confirmed that the U.S. had intelligence which suggested a bomb was the cause of the disaster.

"There is information that is known by the U.S. government that led the president to make that statement," Earnest said, adding that he was unable to elaborate further because of the need to "protect sources and methods."

NBC News reported that additional intercepts from the intelligence community caught Islamic State militants boasting about taking down the Russian airliner. An official told the news outlet that the operatives were "clearly celebrating."

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