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‘For the Record’: America’s No. 1 Terror Target


The nation’s electrical grid is the foundation of modern America. Without a steady flow of electricity, life in the United States would literally come to a standstill. Emergency services and law enforcement agencies would lose communications with much of the civilian population. Medical services would be sporadic, and the supply of pharmaceuticals would diminish quickly. Food items would rapidly disappear from grocery store shelves, and perishable items would rot.

The grid is a prime target for terrorists on a mission to send American society into total chaos. If it’s taken out, most American families would find it impossible to provide for their most basic needs.

A 2013 attack on a substation near San Jose, California, demonstrated how easily the system could be hit. Experts warn For the Record that a larger attack could be in the planning stages, and if it’s successful, the repercussions would be catastrophic.

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