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Why Is There a Protest at the University of Missouri? Here are 14 Different Reasons Heard on TV


"The Confederate flag."

Image source: Grabien

What is causing the unrest and protests at University of Missouri?

Well, if you watch the various news outlets, you will hear a few different reasons cited. In fact, you will hear at least 14 different things being blamed for the student protest that forced the university president to resign.

Image source: Grabbing

News gathering service Grabien tracked a variety of conditions, events or reasons being blamed for the situation. They collected all of the clips and arranged them in a handy montage.

We list these reasons in the order of appearance on the video:

1. "Ferguson" — Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Monnier

2. "Institutional racism" — Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Monnier

3. "The pain that minorities have." — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid

4. "The disparities in educational achievement." — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid

5. "Disparities in income." — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid

6. "Disparities in employment." — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid

7. "Ignoring demands of hunger striker." — Professor Elisa Glick

8. "Mean behavior" — Cynthia Frisby, Associate Professor of Journalism

9. "Racial Climate in America" — Cornell William Brooks, President & CEO, NAACP

10. "Unsafe, un-inclusive campus" — Professor Elisa Glick

11. "Insufficient number of 'faculty of color.'" — Professor Elisa Glick

12. "The university president failing to address protesters' demands." — Professor Elisa Glick

13. "The Confederate flag." — Professor Elisa Glick

14. "How Mizzou's president defined 'systemic oppression.'" — Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Monnier

Watch the montage.

(H/T: Grabien)


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