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In the Wake of Paris Attacks, Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Offers 'One Solution' to Combat Terrorism at Home


"If we can't protect everyone..."

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld delivered a monologue Wednesday in which he contended an armed citizenry might be the answer to fighting terrorism in the U.S.

"If we can't protect everyone, then it's up to us to protect ourselves," he said. "One solution: guns, guns, guns."

Gutfeld argued that since it's not possible to "harden every soft target," people should be permitted to "carry the means to defend themselves."

The comments come less than a week after terrorists targeted soft targets in Paris, killing at least 129 and injuring scores of others.

Gutfeld also said that "we must harden more than targets, but also our memories." He suggested something like a "Flight 93" day that would feature individuals reenacting how a group of heroes stood up to the September 11 terrorists.

"After Paris, the Twitter trends were already MTV stars and Charlie Sheen. It's a sickness we have, this instant amnesia. And its up to us to destroy it, before it destroys us."

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