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Black Lives Matter Activists Continue Sit-In Demanding Erasure of ‘Racist’ Woodrow Wilson — and Glenn Beck Says They Are Right


"I hate this guy."

Black Lives Matter activists are on day two of a sit-in at the Princeton University president's office, demanding all references to "racist" U.S. President Woodrow Wilson be removed from the college, and they've found an unlikely ally: Glenn Beck.

Approximately 30 black and white students staged the sit-in, which began Wednesday, and have said they will not leave the premises until the university agrees to scrub Wilson's name from all programs and buildings over what they described as his "racist legacy," according to Yahoo News.

Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber told the students he agreed Wilson was a racist but also said they need to weigh his racist background with his contributions to the country.

Wilson, who served as Princeton's president from 1902 to 1910 before becoming governor of New Jersey and ultimately president of the United States, is revered by many in academia for his contributions to education policy. However, the popular progressive Democrat is known for supporting segregation, including appointing Cabinet members who segregated federal departments.

During his radio broadcast Thursday, Beck expressed support for the protesters' cause, adding of Wilson, "He was a horrible racist." But, according to Beck, ousting Wilson from Princeton will be a difficult feat because it is the professors who support him.

"They have to have their professors — because the reason why we like Woodrow Wilson is because of the professors on university campuses," Beck said. "They always vote him as one of the top five presidents of all time. He was one of the worst, racist, awful president's we've ever had. I hate this guy."

However, Beck said he could not protest with them because he doesn't support their "tactics," but he insisted that the Princeton students' demand is "legitimate."

Discussing Wilson's "racist" past, Beck referred to the former president's segregation of the Navy and his connection with Thomas Dixon, citing the White House screening of "The Birth of a Nation," a movie based on Dixon's book, "The Clansman," which glorified the Klu Klux Klan.

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