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Never Again Is Now': Jewish Life in Europe


Evelyn Markus’ family survived one of the darkest periods in history — The Holocaust.

After the liberation of Europe, the Markus family relished life in Holland. They practiced their Jewish faith without fear of retribution; they built a family business; and most of all, they embraced their freedom.

Then, it seemed the memory of the persecution of the Jewish people was fading, and Europe was slowly changing. Evelyn started to realize that life in the Netherlands was shifting as anti-Semitism and radical Islam were on the rise.

Former member of the Danish Parliament, best-selling author and human rights activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses how the Jewish people are again in the crosshairs and history might be set to repeat.

Never Again Is Now premieres Thursday, Nov. 19, at 8 pm on TheBlaze TV.

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